Splice Kits and Heat Shrink Tubing

Dual Rated Butt Splice Kit

Dual Rated Butt Splice Kits - For Direct Burial

Thick Wall Tubing

HST Thick Wall Tubing

UF Cable Splice Kit

UF Cable Splice Kit - For Direct Burial


LED Retrofit Conversion Kit for Strip-Type fixtures

LED RetroFit Conversion Kits for Strip-Type Fixtures

ProSeries LED Utility Luminaire

ProSeries LED Utility Luminaires

Small Space LED without switch

Small Space LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor

Glue-In Hub Junction Boxes

SPIDERBOX™ Junction Boxes with Glue-In Hubs

T5 and T8 Fluorescent Fixture Bracket Kits

T5 and T8 Fluorescent Lamp Fixture Bracket Kits

T5 and T8 LED Fixture Bracket Kits

T8 LED Lamp Fixture Bracket Kits for Single-End Powered