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glue-in hub junction box new product
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SPIDERBOX Junction Box with Glue-in Hubs
EPCO’s SPIDERBOX Junction Box with Glue-in Hubs is engineered to save the Contractor time and lower overall installation cost.
General Purpose Vapor Tight LED Luminaire Press Release
Recent Press
Engineered Products Company Introduces Value-Priced Luminaire for Upgrading and Modernizing Aging Lighting Systems
Consuming 50% less electricity than fluorescent lamps for the same amount of light, the luminaire is IP65 rated protection against the ingress of dust, other solid particles and low-pressure jets of directed water.
Power equipment whip blog post
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Power Equipment Whips for Retrofit, Mobile, and New Facilities
EPCO's Power Equipment Whip was developed to electrically connect two (2) or more devices using 12 AWG conductors which cost-effectively supports the transfer of electrical power without using 10 or 8 AWG heavier gauge conductors.