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Ground Bonding Jumper Kits
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Ground Bonding Jumper Kits
EPCO's Pre-Fabricated Ground Bonding Jumper Kits are one of the most critical elements in a safety grounded system to provide a positive and effective connection to ensure a low-impedance ground-fault current path to safeguard personnel and property from electrical shock hazards.
Small Space LED Luminaire
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Engineered Products Company Unveils LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor as Simple Solution for Small Space LED Lighting Upgrades
EPCO announces the introduction of a new LED Luminaire for indoor spaces that require a compact yet powerful lighting solution.
networked lighting control rebates are more standardized blog post
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Networked Lighting Control Rebates are More Standardized
Most utility rebate programs will incentivize networked lighting control systems. While traditional lighting system rebates have been remarkably stable over the past 10 years, rebates for “networked” lighting controls are very different from one utility to another.