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LED CordLights
Our LED CordLights are an energy efficient, labor saving alternative to traditional string lights. Constructed of heavy-duty 18/2 SJTW round cord and available in 50- or 100-foot lengths, these CordLights are suitable for a variety of temporary construction lighting applications.
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Engineered Products Company Unveils New LED CordLight
EPCO launched an alternative solution to costly lamp-based string lighting for temporary construction lighting applications. This LED CordLight reduces labor costs and increases energy efficiency, giving contractors a brilliant lighting option that will positively impact their bottom line.
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The (LED) Times They Are a-Changin'
One major change in the electrical construction industry over the last three years has been the use of LEDs for job site lighting. Lamp-based string lighting has been the standard on the construction job site for decades, and we all know it as not being very durable.