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glue-in hub junction box
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Glue-In Hub Junction Boxes
Engineered Products Company’s SPIDERBOX Junction Boxes with Glue-in Hub is specifically engineered to eliminate the .75” and .5" male terminal adapter and facilitate faster installation times when connecting schedule 40 PVC conduit to the junction box.
Multi-Purpose LED Retrofit Kit for Vapor Tights
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Engineered Products Company Unveils New Magnetic Multi-Purpose Retrofit Kit for Vapor Tight Light Fixtures
Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today announced the general availability of its new magnetic multi-purpose retrofit kit for vapor tight light fixtures.
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Illumination Control Fixture Whips to Meet Code Change of 2022
A new guideline will take effect in January 2022 for our Illumination Control Fixture Whip (ICFW). This code change is in response to the 2020 Edition of National Fire Protection Association* (NFPA 70), Article 410.69. Just so you know, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) changed the guidelines for 0-10 Volt dimming conductor colors.