NEC References

Article 310.10 Uses Permitted. The conductors described in 310.104 shall be permitted for use in any of the wiring methods covered in Chapter 3 and as specified in their respective tables or as permitted elsewhere in this Code.

Article 348.20 Size.

(A) Minimum. FMC less than metric designator 16 (trade size ½) shall not be used unless permitted in 348.20 (A) (1) through (A) (5) for the metric designator 12 (trade size ⅜).

Article 110.14 Electrical Connections. 

(A) Terminals. Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damaging the conductors and shall be made by means of pressure connectors (including set-screw…

Article 300.3 Conductors.

(C) Conductors of Different Systems.

Article 314.15 Damp or Wet Locations. In damp or wet locations, boxes, conduit bodies, or outlet box hoods, and fittings shall be placed or equipped so as to prevent moisture from entering or accumulating within the box, conduit body or fitting.

410.10: Luminaires in Specific Locations.

Article 422.16 Flexible Cords. (A) General. Flexible cord shall be permitted (1) for the connection of appliances to facilitate heir frequent interchange or to prevent the transmission of noise or vibration or (2) to facilitate the removal or disconnection of…

Article 220.54 Demand Factors for Household Electric Clothes Dryers. Where two or more single-phase ranges are supplied by a 3-phase, 4-phase feeder or service, the total load shall be calculated on the basis of twice the maximum number connected between any two phases.…

Article 110.14 Electrical Connections. 

(B) Splices. Conductors shall be spliced or joined with splicing devices identified for the use or by brazing, welding, or soldering with a fusible metal or alloy.