TIGER XL Temporary LED Luminaire

    Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) TIGER XL Temporary LED Luminaire is a low cost, energy efficient lighting solution, highly functional for use in construction and retrofit lighting applications and a recommended alternative to a Metal Halide Lamp (MHL).*

    This luminaire provides 15,000 lumens of brilliant white illumination over a 360 degree outward facing area and downward. This translates to a productive work environment during building construction or major renovation projects.


    • ETL listed for dual voltage flexibility! Ability to operate on a 120 or 277-volt circuit; provides the contractor with the ultimate flexibility on the job site.
    • High lumen output of 15,000 Lumens @ 100-Watts is highly favorable compared to other competitive products in the market today.
    • 35-Foot power and connectivity cord distributes higher lumen output over a broad job site area to improve productivity.
    • Less labor required to hang and suspend up to four TIGER XL luminaires (maximum) over the job site.


    • Distributes 15,000 Lumens @ 100-Watts
    • Lumen distribution: 360 degrees - outward and down.
    • Impact Resistant: If dropped, luminaire continues to operate with no degradation in lumen output.
    • Meets OSHA Standard 1915.82(b)(1)(2)(3); 10-Foot candles minimum.
    • Meets 2023 National Electrical Code: Article 410.62 (B)(C) and 410.64 (C).


    • No assembly required! Ready to use out of the box.
    • Power cord power and connectivity configuration:
      • Primary Power: 1-Foot, pre-stripped pigtail is hard-wired directly into a 120 or 277-volt circuit.
      • Secondary: 35-foot power and connectivity cord powers up to four (4) TIGER XL Temporary LED Luminaires on a 120V circuit; and up to seven (7) units on a 277V circuit.
    • Eliminates receptacle-based connections; removes the possibility of energizing a 120-volt power tool when operating on a 277-Volt circuit.
    • “Snap-Lock” hang hook expedites job site installation, folds flat for storage or transportation to the next job site.
    • Required maintenance: None.
    TIGER XL: 100-Watt Temporary LED Luminaire
    Catalog Number
    UPC Number
    Item Description
    15,000 Lumen Output, 35-foot SJTW Round Cord
    Order Unit
    Unit Quantity
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    Unit Per Case
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    TIGER XL Temporary LED Luminaire Specifications
    Lumen Output15,000
    Operating VoltageHardwire directly into 120 or 277-volt circuit
    Amperes1.0 @ 120V; 0.5 @ 277V
    Lumens per Watt (lm/W)100-Watts
    Power Cord Type16/3 SJTW Power Cord
    Color Temperature5000K
    Color Index80 (non-dimmable)
    Total Connectivity
    • Four (4) Luminaires - 120V circuit
    • Seven (7) Luminaires - 277V circuit
    ApplicationDry or Damp Environment
    Operating Temperature-4ºF (-20ºF) to 104ºF (40ºFC)
    CageStainless Steel
    Warranty5 Years at L70

    TIGER XL Temporary LED Luminaire Limited Warranty

    Engineered Products Company (herein known as EPCO) warrants at its sole option, after a failure is confirmed as a true defect in materials or workmanship, EPCO will replace or refund, the following TIGER XL Temporary LED Luminaire for a period of five (5) years from original purchase

    This warranty statement applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable. The Original Purchaser is identified as the first initial installation completed by the Building Owner. If the product fails before the 5-year period expires, please return this product with your original invoice to: Engineered Products Company, Attention: Return Materials Department, 5401 Smetana Drive, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343.