Our Vapor Tight Linear Luminaires meet a broad variety of lighting applications. We currently provide linear LED "Strip", T8 LED Tube and Fluorescent Luminaires.

LED Linear Luminaire

LED Vapor Tight LED Luminaire

EPCO’s LED Linear Vapor Tight Luminaires are a reliable, sustainable solid-state illumination system solution.

General Purpose LED Linear luminaire product photo

EPCO's General Purpose Linear LED Luminaire provides quality, reliable solid-state performance, and high lumens per watt efficiency.

General Purpose LED Luminaire with Color-Select Technology

Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) General Purpose, Vapor Tight, LED linear luminaires with “Color-Select” technology, enables adjustme

T5 and T8 LED and Fluorescent Linear Luminaires

LED and Fluorescent Vapor Tight Linear Light Fixture

EPCO's T5 and T8 LED and Fluorescent Linear Vapor Tight Light Fixtures are ideal for high or low ceiling or wall mount applications.

High Bay Vapor Tight Light Fixture

EPCO's T5 and T8 LED and Fluorescent High Bay Linear Vapor Tight Light Fixture are an energy efficient, sustainable lighting solution.

Accessories for Linear Luminaires

Surface Mount Bracket

EPCO's Surface Mount Bracket (SMB) provides the ability to locate and install a Narrow Body Linear Luminaire directly under a junction box to surface mount the luminaire to a ceiling or wall.

vapor tight motion sensor

Installing EPCO's Occupancy Sensor is a cost efficient method in applications such as warehouses, utility and maintenance buildings, storage areas and pedestrian or road tunnels.

Linear Luminaire diffusers

100% Impact Resistant Acrylic Diffusers.

Luminaire Suspension Kit

The Luminaire Suspension Kit provides instant and “tool-less” infinite height adjustment when installing our Linear Luminaires.

Luminaire Mounting Hardware

Luminaire Mounting Hardware eliminates drilling through the luminaire housing to maintain IP66/IP67 "wet" location ingress protection rating.

Luminaire Latch Options

LED and Fluorescent Linear Luminaires can be ordered with your choice of Acetal (plastic) or Stainless Steel Latches. Both cam-

LED Linear with Cord

The 6-Foot Twist Lock Power Cord is built to the NEMA standard and is RoHS compliant.

Single Loop Jack Chain

Single Loop Jack Chain Loop Chain is used to support suspended luminaires.


S-Hooks are used with Jack and Double Loop Chain to support suspended luminaires. All S-Hooks are plated for lasting durability.

Luminaire Hangers

Our labor saving luminaire hangers are available in side mount or top mount styles.

Tie Wire

Our Tie Wire offers a variety of uses on the job site including bundling, supporting, hanging conduit and suspending luminaires.

Duct Seal

EPCO's UL Listed Duct Seal Compound is used to seal around junction boxes, flashing, service mast, and cable entries.