Occupancy Sensors

    EPCO's Occupancy Sensor (OS) is the energy efficient and cost-efficient method to manage illumination systems in applications such as stairwells, warehouses, utility and maintenance buildings, storage areas, tunnels and more.

    Microwave Sensors (Options R4-R6): Recommended for ceiling heights 20 feet or lower. This sensor detects the slightest movement in the occupancy zone. Detection is sensed through doors, glass, or thin walls.

    • This sensor is pre-set at the factory to: R4 - On/Off only; R5 - 30% dimming, or R6 - 50% Dimming.
    • This sensor energizes the lights when activity in a room or area, then automatically turns the light off when no activity is sensed after a preset time.
    • Only available as a factory-installed option, not sold separately.