Retrofit Lighting Image

Retrofit Lighting

Our RetroFit Conversion Kits are a simple upgrade to energy efficient T5, T8 or LED illumination systems.

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EPCO Temporary Lighting Products Image

Temporary Lighting

When it's time to specify temporary lighting, 9 out of 10 times the electrical contractor chooses EPCO, well-known for providing the best value for temporary lighting applications.

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Linear Luminaire Products Engineered Products Company EPCO Image

Linear Luminaires

Our Linear Luiminaires meet a broad variety of lighting applications. We currently provide linear LED "Strip", T8 LED Tube and Fluorescent Luminaires.

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EPCO Fluorescent Tube Guards Products Image

Tube Guards

Our Standard and UV Filtering Fluorescent Tube Guards provide superior protection against broken glass and sparks that can result when fluorescent lamps shatter.

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Utility Lighting Fixtures Products

Utility Lighting

Engineered Products Company's (EPCO) energy-efficient and cost-effective Utility Luminaires meet the requirements for a variety of lighting applications.

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Fixture Whips Products EPCO Engineered Products Company Image

Fixture Whips

We are the leading American manufacturer for power and lighting fixture whips for the electrical construction industry.

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EPCO Landscape Lighting Products Image

Landscape Lighting

Comparable to other designs, EPCO's Landscape Luminaire fixture fittings are a cost-effective and simple solution for permanent landscape, accent lighting or sign facade.

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Ground Bonding

EPCO Ground Bonding PigTails™ Electrical Products Image

Ground Bonding PigTails™

Our Ground Bonding PigTail manufacturing expertise, quality, reliability and expedited delivery time have always met customer expectations.

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EPCO PowerTails Device Wiring Conductors Products Image

PowerTails Device Wiring Conductors

Our PowerTails provide installation speed and a reliable connection when bringing power to multiple devices.

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Ground Bonding Accessories Screws and Clips image

Ground Bonding Accessories

Our Ground Bonding Screws and Clips provide options for the contractor.

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Splice Kits/Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing Products

Heat Shrink Tubing

Our Thick Wall Heat Shrink Tubing for direct burial applications is made from cross-linked polyolefin. This tough versatile tubing can be used for insulation, harnessing, strain relief, and identifica...

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Splice Kits Products

Splice Kits

Our Splice Kits for direct burial applications provide a permanent water resistant seal eliminating crimping tools when splicing aluminum or copper conductors, cable deterioration and problems that ca...

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Product Accessories

EPCO Residential Electrical Products Accessories Image

Residential Product Accessories

Using our Residential Product Accessories increases the electrical contractor's productivity, expedites the installation time - and meets the electrical contractor's budget and application needs.

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EPCO Commercial Electrical Products Accessories Images

Commercial Product Accessories

Our Commercial Electrical Products Accessories represent the highest level of increased productivity, expedited installation times at a price that meets the contractor's budgetary requirements.

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