Our Splice Kits for direct burial applications provide a permanent water resistant seal eliminating crimping tools when splicing aluminum or copper conductors, cable deterioration and problems that can lead to open circuits and cable failure.

UF Cable Splice Kit

UF Cable Splice Kit

Our UF Cable Splice Kit is designed to simplify splicing UF Cable.

UF Cable ¾

Repair of UF Cable is a quick, easy and reliable process using our Self Sealing UF Splice Kit.

UF Stretcher Kit

EPCO's UF Stretcher Kit is designed to simplify repairs of a 7" to 10" section of UF Cable.

Copper Butt Splice Kits

Copper Butt Splice Kits

EPCO's Copper Butt Splice kits designed to simplify splicing discreet copper conductors.

Dual Rated Butt Splice Kits

Dual Rated Butt Splice Kit

Dual Rated Splice Kits are used to repair and/or extend type USE Cable.