Solid-state LED lighting’s biggest asset is longevity—around 30,00050,000 hours—three to five times longer than CFLs (10,000 hours) and about 30-50 times longer than that obsolete, inefficient technology known as incandescent (1,000 hours).

The biggest obstacle standing between LEDs and building owners right now is expense. LEDs are more expensive than CFLs, but prices continue to come down. When focused on price, you need to consider the savings in not only energy expense, but also the reduction in maintenance expense when weighing a decision to switch to LED.

Slashing changeover costs to highest-efficiency LED lighting

Then there’s the initial expense of un-installing old fixtures and installing new fixtures that accommodate LED lamps. Our brilliant engineer is adamant about saving customers time and money. He came up with a way to retrofit existing four-foot and eight-foot T8 or T12 strip-light fixtures for use with linear LED engines that is fast, easy and inexpensive.

It’s all due to two new part options (14070 and 14076) for making our T8 Linear Fluorescent RetroFit Conversion Kits suitable for use with linear LED engines (T8 shaped LED tubes) that are classified per UL 1598C.

Plan B

What if the budget doesn’t support this economic changeover to LED lighting? Of course, there’s an interim solution that’s even less costly. Our original RetroFit Conversion Kits convert older four- and eight-foot T8 or T12 strip-light fixtures into energy-efficient T5 or T8 light fixtures.

Two low-cost fixture conversion options from EPCO that reduce maintenance and energy costs.

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