Single 100-foot energy efficient LED CordLight replaces 250 feet of incandescent lamp-based string lighting, reduces energy consumption by 80 percent 

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 8, 2019

Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today launched an alternative solution to costly lamp-based string lighting for temporary construction lighting applications. EPCO's LED CordLight reduces labor costs and increases energy efficiency, giving contractors a brilliant lighting option that will positively impact their bottom line. 

Currently, lamp-based string lighting is a standard on the construction site, but the labor-intensive installation and need to stock and replace dead lamps makes it a very expensive solution. Now, contractors can save money in labor, material and energy costs by switching to LED lighting.

“From construction sites to outdoor markets or special events, our LED CordLight is the best option for any temporary lighting need,” said EPCO president Jim Anderson. “Whether we are reducing labor or energy costs, or simply providing a brilliant light that works in any environment, our LED CordLight is built with our customer in mind.”

The LED CordLight is a more cost effective solution compared with traditional lamp-based string lights. Each LED Module produces excellent 5000K white light with a minimal power draw, which reduces energy costs. This means less lighting is needed on the job site.

Easily installed with a carabiner coupling link, the LED CordLight has no lamps to replace, which contributes to a labor savings. Contractors can also easily move the LED CordLight to a new job site, which is something lamp-based string lighting cannot offer.

Tested for optimal performance, durability and reliability, the LED CordLight is constructed of heavy-duty 18/2 SJTW round cord and IP65 weather-resistant LED modules that resist dust and rain, making it suitable for both wet and dry locations.

The commercial grade, high-power LEDs offer a beam angle of 120 degrees, which increases its versatility. It’s available in 50- or 100-foot lengths and is linkable to other LED CordLights, allowing you to extend your lights up to 500-feet. The LED CordLight is ETL listed and complies with UL Standard 153 for portable electric luminaires.

“In the past,  contractors would have to dedicate so much time and energy to install lamp-based lighting, only to throw the product away after the job was completed and pay exorbitant energy bills because of the high power draw,” said (Allen Guidry, Product Manager). “Now, contractors can easily install EPCO’s LED CordLight. Plus the quick set up and tear down means they can reuse it on future job sites, and we know they’ll see the cost savings in energy consumption.”

For more information on how to convert "strip-type" fluorescent light fixtures into energy efficient luminaires, contact Engineered Products Company at or call 800.336.1976.

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