Low Cost Conversion Kit for Strip-Type Fixtures and Lighting Troffers using T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps to T8 LED Tube powered Energy Efficient Luminaires

MINNEAPOLIS, October 2, 2017

Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today announced it has added a new line of "pre-wired" fixture bracket conversion kits to its line of lighting system upgrade products.

The kits allow the installer to easily retrofit old "strip-type" light fixtures using magnetic ballast and T12 or T8 fluorescent lamps into a an energy efficient lighting system using T8 LED Tubes.

"We're committed to making things easy for building owners, facility managers, and the people using our products," said EPCO President Jim Anderson. "Our pre-wired fixture bracket kits and wiring harnesses are easy to install and really improves the look and feel of any commercial or residential multi-dwelling environment."

The installer simply bypasses the original ballast via the luminaire disconnect and connects directly to the incoming 120-277 supply line. And because the pre-wired Fixture Bracket Kits use T8 LED Tubes, this combination easily integrates with automatic digital lighting controls and occupancy sensors.

In addition to this line of fixture bracket retrofit conversion, EPCO has also added wiring harness kits to retrofit two, three, and four lamp lighting system troffers, a very economical and low cost LED upgrade.

T8 LED Tubes are designed to consume 40 percent less energy, and the combination of our low cost fixture bracket kits and wiring harness kits maximize retrofit application savings with improved lumens per watt (LPW) performance, and dramatically reduces energy and maintenance costs for savings over traditional T12 or T8 fluorescent lamps.

In addition to the long-term sustainable energy savings, EPCO fixture bracket and wire harness kits comply with local and national energy regulations and may qualify for rebates from electric utilities.

For more information on how to convert "strip-type" fluorescent light fixtures into energy efficient luminaires, contact Engineered Products Company at sales@engproducts.com or call 800.336.1976.

About EPCO

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