I’d be surprised if there were an electrical contractor who isn’t looking to make fixture installation easier and faster. That’s exactly why EPCO came up with a brilliant short cut for installing our 4-, 8- and our new 2-foot gasketed fluorescent luminaires—a way that gets rid of the cost and time it takes to install a fixture whip and junction box cover plate. With the Surface Mount Bracket (SMB), the electrician can install the fixture directly under a junction box to surface mount the fixture to a ceiling or wall. 

Often, short cuts come with a snag, but not so with the (SMB). For instance, the SMB in no way interferes with the GFF Fixture’s UL Listing for “wet” location applications even though no adhesive sealant or gasket material is required. The SMB’s neoprene closed cell foam gaskets create a water- and bug-resistant seal that protects the critical area between the junction box’s supply conductors and the light fixture.

Installing a GFF Fixture with an SMB is economically smart because it requires no unsightly, exposed fixture whip, no metallic straight connector, no 90-degree connector, no liquid tite conduit, no conduit hangers, no 14 THHN (black, white and green), and no GFF Series Fixture mounting hardware. Eight pre-drilled slotted holes further speed up installation.

It adds up to a hefty saving in material and labor shaves $31.50 off of installation cost—from $66 to $34.45.

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