Since the release of our “new” ProSeries LED Utility Luminaire and LED Luminaire Upgrade, the response on these products in all markets has been very favorable. While the benefits and features of these lighting products are significant, we recommend using some type of “surge” protection system during the installation process.

In a commercial office building or an agricultural environment the standard voltage is typically 120/277 volts. A power surge, or transient voltage, is an increase in voltage significantly above the designated level in the flow of electricity.

Although lighting during a thunderstorm is the most obvious source of a power surge, it is not the only culprit. The cycling of air conditioners, refrigerators, fan motors, and other appliances can also produce damaging surges. The bottom line – surges or line spikes can actually destroy any sensitive electronics within the devices we use in our homes, such as HDTVs, DVRs, computers, microwave ovens and more.

To some, surge protection is achieved simply by installing a surge protective breaker at the building’s main breaker load center(s). However, true surge protection requires surge protective devices at various levels within the building to provide the most reliable protection – basically a “tiered” surge protection network.

Having a tiered approach reduces the incoming surge energy to a more manageable level for the equipment being protected. Each Surge Protection Device (SPD) reduces the spike/surge to some extent, but there is always residual energy that gets through, so having a tiered approach allows the next SPD in the circuit to lower that surge energy and bring it closer to the intended power system voltage (e.g., 120V AC). Internal power surges from power tools or vacuum cleaners can generate surges back into the building’s electrical system, so the tiered approach provides surge protection there as well.

Remember, if the line voltage rises above 120 volts, the surge protection system helps prevent line surge (i.e., spike) from destroying the ProSeries LED Utility Light Fixture and LED Light Upgrade and voiding the product warranty. The installation requirements for these LED light fixtures is shown on page four of the Product Data Sheet. If you have questions please contact Allen Guidry III, Marketing Manager ( or 952.767.8755).

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