After one of the harshest winters on record in Minnesota (and many other parts of the country), summer is finally here. Our thoughts have turned to the great outdoors, lawns and landscaping. For us, that means landscape lighting, and more specifically safety.

The National Electrical Code Section 314.17(B) for Conductors Entering Boxes Conduit Bodies or Fittings has been updated to preclude splices not contained within a splice box. However, contractors still need to be vigilant about circuit conductors that could be sitting in water and dirt and creating an unsafe, unreliable lighting fixture. Plus, small animals could have open, easy access to the splice connections and the circuit conductors.

We suggest using a Landscape SplicePost that includes a splice compartment within the light post SpliceCap for greater protection. It includes a metal Separator Disk with attached grounding pigtail to accommodate a non-grounded metallic light fixture. Once the disk is secured in the cap below the splice, it turns the segment between the splice cap and the disk into a secure, fully-enclosed splice box enclosure, or junction box, for two 20 AMP circuit conductors.

Bottom lines:

  • Reduced risk of electrical shock hazards
  • Safe environment at the installation
  • Clamped, secure circuit conductors protect the splice

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