ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaire

Replacement option for incandescent and CFL lamps reduces energy consumption and promises lower electrical and maintenance expenses.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 1, 2018

Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today unveiled three new ProSeries Junior LED Luminaries designed specifically for retrofitting and upgrading "jelly jar" fixtures for utility lighting applications.

The ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaires are the low cost and sustainable solutions that provide high lumen output, maximum downward lighting, lower overall electrical expenses and low energy consumption, saving the end-user 86 percent verses incandescent lamps and 77 percent verses CFLs.

"We pride ourselves in developing high quality lighting products that help save time and money," said EPCO President Jim Anderson. "Perfect for the agricultural market and farmers looking to reduce costs, the ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaires are energy efficient with a return on investment in 12 months or less. They are easy to install and because they are Mercury free and have no UV emissions, good for the environment."

No matter the project, whether a contractor is upgrading, retrofitting or modifying existing lighting systems operations, the ProSeries Junior LED Luminaires make it possible to complete the job fast and easy. Configurations include:

ProSeries Junior LED Luminaires are suitable for wet and damp locations that require wash-down, fast and easy install and include an integral heat sink that prevents dust and insect accumulation. 

For more information about the company or our new ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaires, contact Engineered Products Company at or call 800.336.1976.

About EPCO

Engineered Products Company supplies electrical distributors with specialty lighting, lighting accessories, and wiring solutions that address a wide range of standard and unique applications. EPCO’s durable, reliable products, high fill rate, on-time delivery, and no-risk purchase terms optimize distributor cash flow and profit margins on the consumable products electricians use for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential buildings. Known for its exceptional customer service, as well as sales representatives who are the most knowledgeable in the electrical industry, the Minneapolis-based company offers multiple configurations of products to meet a broad variety of building applications. Follow the company on Twitter @EPCO1976 or subscribe to the EPCO blog.