EPCO's new Illumination Control Fixture Whip meets UL and NEC standards for combining power and lighting circuits and Class 2 or 3 control circuits within the same fixture whip.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 4, 2016

Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today announced the introduction of the industry’s first and only Illumination Control Fixture Whip for LED or fluorescent luminaire lighting systems with integrated room controls. Significant labor and cost savings for contractors is now available by offering a prefabricated, fixture whip as an alternative to assembling fixture whips or configuring MC Cable on a job site.

“This industry-first aligns with our legacy of designing and engineering innovative products that help contractors same time and money,” said EPCO President Jack Schuster. “It saves contractors from buying expensive five conductor MC cable or making a homemade solution at the job site. This Illumination Control Fixture Whip meets UL and NEC standards for combining power and lighting circuits with Class 2 or Class 3 control circuits within the same fixture whip.”

According to the 2014 NEC Article 725.136, lighting controls require an illumination control fixture whip for use with relay modules that are typically attached to the outside of an electrical junction box with a nipple. Connecting the low voltage control conductors from the LED or fluorescent luminaire’s is intended to go through the junction box, and through the nipple into the relay. Added Schuster, “No other company offers this type of illumination control fixture whip.”

EPCO’s Illumination Control Fixture Whip can be used in Smart Buildings that utilize LED or fluorescent lighting systems for daylight harvesting applications to offset the amount of lighting needed to properly light a space, digital lighting controls that operate in compliance with “timed” daily warehouse and production personnel schedules to optimize lighting at all times to save electricity, or lighting control operations used in combination with occupancy sensors for commercial and industrial applications to reduce energy consumption.

The Illumination Control Fixture Whip, is available in 28 standard configurations that offer contractors an average cost savings of $1.25 per whip, is suitable for retrofit applications and includes conductors for power and lighting control. Screw-in or snap-in die cast connectors are available for directly attaching to the luminaire and expedite installation.

About EPCO

Engineered Products Company supplies electrical distributors with specialty lighting, lighting accessories and wiring solutions that address a wide range of standard and unique applications. EPCO’s durable, reliable products, high fill rate, on-time delivery and no-risk purchase terms optimize distributor cash flow and profit margins on the consumable products electrical contractors use for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential buildings. Known for its exceptional pre-and post-sale customer service, as well as sales representatives who are the most knowledgeable in the electrical industry, the Minneapolis-based company offers multiple configurations of products to meet a broad variety of building applications. For more information about Engineered Products Company and its products, call (800) 336-1976. Follow the company on Twitter @EPCO1976 or subscribe to the EPCO Blog.