Energy-efficient TIGRESS perfect for low- to medium-bay sites, replaces metal halide-based temporary fixtures

MINNEAPOLIS, October 24, 2013
Engineered Products Company (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for Electrical Contractors, today announced the availability of its new TIGRESS™ Temporary Light Fixture, the low-cost, energy-efficient lighting solution for low- to medium-bay construction sites and a recommended alternative to metal halide-based temporary fixtures (under 250-watts). "An extension of our TIGER and TIGERcub Temporary Light Fixture line, TIGRESS accommodates a 105-watt compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) to create a productive construction/renovation work environment," said EPCO President Jack Schuster. "Consuming less than one-half of the total energy costs compared to metal-halide lamps, the 105-watt lamp included with the fixture provides lighting that is comparable to 300 incandescent wattage and lasts about 10 times longer."