Why Contractors Use EPCO Fixture Whips


Engineered Products Company (EPCO) is the leading American manufacturer of fixture whips for the electrical construction industry. Our pre-wired armored cable fixture whips are factory fabricated wiring assemblies typically used for lighting and power distribution in commercial buildings.

Our Fixture Whips consist of flexible metal conduit (FMC), primarily in .375mm (3/8”) and .5” (1/2”) trade sizes and meet all requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 348. Pre-assembled and fully tested, EPCO Fixture Whips provide an excellent mechanical protection and a cost effective, reliable electrical installation. The connectors used are designed to simplify the connection to metallic junction boxes and lighting fixtures.

Typical applications include: both new and remodeled commercial buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centers, hotels, as well as healthcare, educational and recreational facilities.

Why Contractors Use UL Listed EPCO Fixture Whips:

  • 100% of EPCO Fixture Whips are assembled in our facility using UL Listed or UL Recognized components.
  • Permitted for use by virtually all local building codes and approved by Electrical Inspectors in the majority of municipalities across the U.S.
  • The UL label attached to every EPCO Fixture Whip as an immediate identifier to the Electrical Inspector and Contractor that our fixture whips have been inspected at the factory, listed by UL and comply with the 2023 National Electrical Code.
  • EPCO provides product liability insurance as additional protection in the event of product defects that may cause a liability to the Contractor.

Advantages For The Contractor:

  • A cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional labor intensive pipe and wire installation methods.
  • Significantly reduces installation time to connect branch circuit power distribution and lighting systems.
  • Fixture whip accessory products are available for the Contractor to expedite and facilitate installation.
  • Engineered Products Company can also build “custom” labor-saving Fixture Whips to the Contractor’s specifications.