Ground Bonding Jumper Kits group

Where Is Ground?

For safety reasons, Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) legacy products, Ground Bonding PigTails™, enables the electrical contractor to make a properly and solidly grounded connection to safeguard people and property from electrical shock hazards. Our 45+ year history of manufacturing a broad variety of configurations ranging from 12- and 14-gauge solid and stranded wire Ground Bonding PigTails (not including numerous “custom” configurations) typically used in commercial, industrial, agricultural, and single and multi-family residential homes makes EPCO the premier manufacturer of these products.

The addition of our larger gauge 6 AWG Ground Bonding Jumpers Kits extend the ground bonding product category. For circuits operating between 50 and 55 amps, these kits provide a means to carry electric currents to ground under normal fault conditions without exceeding any operating and equipment limits, or adversely affecting continuity of the electrical service. This ensures any person in the immediate area is not exposed to any danger of electrical shock.

Where can EPCO’s Ground Bonding Jumper Kits be used?

Fundamentally, our kits primary purpose is to: 

  • Handle discharge currents from lightning arresters, spark gaps, and other similar devices
  • Provide a ground return path for grounded-wye generators and transformers
  • Ensure stable ground conditions for protective relays
  • Improve the reliability of electronic process controls, computer systems, and communication circuits by making low-resistance ground connections accessible, and most important;
  • Protect personnel from injury and property from damage by managing high-voltage surges

Applications for our large Ground Bonding Jumpers is virtually endless. Some examples by market segment are:


  • Electric Motor Drives
  • Robotic Welding Systems
  • Standby Power and Switchgear
  • HVAC and Chiller Systems
  • Each Metallic Conduit, Water Pipe and Air Duct
  • Enclosures and Cabinets


  • Electric Trucks and Buses
  • Light Rail Traction Electrification System
  • Shipboard Equipment
  • Off Highway Road Construction Equipment


  • Transmission lines and multiplexers
  • Base Transceiver Stations
  • Equipment and Cabinet Racks
  • Transfer Switches
  • Cellular base stations
  • 48-Volt Battery Backup Systems
  • Mainframe Computer Systems
  • Servers


  • Mobile MRI and CAT scan equipment
  • Mobile Medical Clinics

Power Conversion Equipment

  • Power Distribution Units
  • Power supplies
  • Electrical enclosures – Where Flexible Ground Conductors are Needed to Take Charge-to-Ground
  • UPS systems
  • Alternative Solar Energy conversions
  • Inverters

Building and Facility Construction

  • Electric panel doors – or switchgear doors with inadequate connections in the hinges
  • Security fences around substations and utilities 
  • Generators and transformers – for a continuous ground accommodating motion and vibration
  • Power and utility boards 
    • Steel building columns in Computer Rooms
    • Every 4 to 6 access floor pedestals transitioning in each direction
    • Ground bus for each panel board in the server room
  • Electric panel doors – or switchgear doors with inadequate connections in the hinges
  • Security fences around substations and utilities 
  • Fence and Gate Jumpers
  • Power and utility boards 
  • Oil, gas and flammable liquid tanks – especially around lids, caps and spigots

Engineered Products Company will also customize and build Ground Bonding Jumper Kits specific to the Contractor or Distributor application requirements. For more information contact your Regional Sales Manager or Inside Sales for more information.

Engineered Products Company Inc. (EPCO) is the premier brand supplier of specialty products to electrical distributors and contractors. Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN (a suburb west of Minneapolis), EPCO has supported the electrical industry since 1976. EPCO supplies a broad range of standard and unique consumables for commercial, industrial, residential and agriculture buildings.