Illumination Control Fixture Whip

Most utility rebate programs will incentivize networked lighting control systems. While traditional lighting system rebates have been remarkably stable over the past 10 years, rebates for “networked” lighting controls are very different from one utility to another. Design Lights Consortium (DLC) has introduced their new Networked Lighting Control (V3.0 Category) for "networked" lighting controls. 

Some clear trends have started to emerge for the 2019 rebate programs published year-to-date. At this writing, 75% of the rebates for networked lighting control rebates are per luminaire, meaning the rebate is a set dollar amount for each luminaire connected to a "networked" lighting control system. Usually, the luminaire must be on the DLC list and the lighting control must be on DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls list. For rebate programs that are not based on a luminaire type, the rebate amount would typically be determined by watts controlled, kWh saved, square footage of the project or a percentage of project cost.

Want to install a "networked" control-based lighting system to receive rebates? EPCO has your solution. The best way to facilitate the installation of a “networked” control-based lighting system is to use EPCO’s Illumination Control Fixture Whips (ICFW), originally introduced in 2015. We offer 2 configurations of our ICFWs, available in 120-Volt or 277-Volt applications. The DLC actually facilitates our mutual cause: ease of installation, labor savings, and cost effectiveness of our ICFW compared to contractors installing MC Cable, and works in conjunction with another one of DLC’s energy savings incentives.

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