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Engineered Products Company (EPCO) is the premier manufacturer of myriad specialty electrical products, including LED lighting, for the industry and its distributors. Call us today at 800.336.1976.

Jim Anderson President 952.767.8736
Allan Matthys Chief Financial Officer 952.767.8737
Dan Brooks Information Systems Manager 952.767.8762
Rob Lowry Manufacturing Manager 952.767.8784
Greg Happ Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer 952.767.8746
Louis White Engineering Design Technician 952.767.8790
Zach Boyum Design Engineer  952.767.8732
Amy Karrow Human Resources Manager 952.767.8758
Chad Holm Information Technology Manager 952.767.8764
Dwayne Kettenacker Materials Manager 952.767.8761
Tammy Riley Buyer  
Mark Myers Buyer  
Natalie Cobb Buyer  
Mark Lindstrom National Sales Manager 952.767.8756
James Caisley Western Regional Sales Manager 612.718.2730
Bob Schluneker Eastern Regional Sales Manager  484.433.2006
Tim Nelson Inside Sales Supervisor* 952.767.8754
David Danielson Inside Sales* 952.767.8753
Randy Williams Inside Sales* 952.767.8794
Sophannarith Song Inside Sales* 952.767.8735
Allen Guidry III Marketing Manager 952.767.8755
Amanda Kubousek Marketing Communications Specialist 952.767.8783
Benjamin Brewster Marketing Assistant** 952.767.8797
Linda Jandro Accounting Manager 952.767.8759
Joei Spurlin Accounting Assistant 952.767.8778
Marian Boorman Administrative Assistant 952.767.8765


*Contact Tim, David, Randy or Song for Product Quotes, Pricing information, or Returns Materials Authorization (RMA).
**Contact Benjamin for Product Literature and Product Samples.