Range And Dryer Cords

Range And Dryer Cords

Article 422.33: Disconnection of Cord-and-Plug Connected Appliances. Cords.
(A) Separable Connector or an Attachment Plug and Receptacle. For cord-and plug connected appliances, an accessible separable connector or an accessible plug and receptacle shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means. When the separable connector or plug and receptacle are not accessible, cord-and-plug connected appliances shall be provided with disconnecting means in accordance with 422.31.

(B) Connection at the Rear Base of a Range. For cord-and-plug connected household electric ranges, an attachment plug and receptacle connection at the rear base of a range, if it is accessible from the front by removal of a drawer, shall be considered as meeting the intent of 422.33 (A).

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