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[VIDEO] Three Solutions for Retrofitting Strip Fixtures

EPCO’s Good, Better, Best LED Retrofit Conversion Kits provide energy efficient and cost-effective LED lighting solutions.

As Seen On: EPCO’s LED Closet Luminaire featured on Ask This Old House

Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) Motion Sensing LED Closet Luminaire was featured on the TV Series Ask This Old House: Season 15, Episode 3. The LED Closet Luminaire is a simple solution to upgrade small spaces to sustainable, energy efficient LED lighting. The Energy Star Rated Motion Sensing LED Closet Luminaire provides more lumens per watt and includes…READ MORE

TORI’S STORY: EPCO Partnership with OP Helps Advance Quality of Life

The objective of Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) relationship with Opportunity Partners (OP) is to help advance the quality of life for people with disabilities. EPCO has been working with OP for about 9 years and it’s an honor knowing we can help these individuals. Tori’s story proves just that.  Each year Opportunity Partners honors one employee…READ MORE

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Energy Can You Save with EPCO’s LED Closet Luminaire?

EPCO’s LED Closet Luminaire provides Significant Energy Savings and is a reliable and sustainable LED Lighting solution for small areas!    

LED Technology Has Come a Long Way

In addition to overcoming early performance problems with heat, moisture and color, improvements in LED technology have significantly lowered the cost of LED luminaires and lamps. Not only are today’s LEDs more energy efficient as a light source compared to the 1980’s when they were used as equipment indicators, but also produce more lumens per…READ MORE

Affordable LED Adoption is NOT an Oxymoron

Solid-state LED lighting’s biggest asset is longevity—around 30,000–50,000 hours—three to five times longer than CFLs (10,000 hours) and about 30-50 times longer than that obsolete, inefficient technology known as incandescent (1,000 hours). The biggest obstacle standing between LEDs and building owners right now is expense. LEDs are more expensive than CFLs, but prices continue to…READ MORE

Who Doesn’t Love a Short Cut for Installing Fixtures?

I’d be surprised if there were an electrical contractor who isn’t looking to make fixture installation easier and faster. That’s exactly why EPCO came up with a brilliant short cut for installing our 4-, 8- and our new 2-foot gasketed fluorescent luminaires—a way that gets rid of the cost and time it takes to install…READ MORE

T12 Lighting Technology Phase-out: 75% Potential Savings

Fluorescent linear T12 lighting was the most widely used technology in commercial buildings until about 10 years ago. Now a declining technology, the rising popularity of its challengers T8 and T5 is due to better performance and energy efficiency—and most important for building owners and managers, savings in lighting costs. I’ve seen savings as high…READ MORE