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Three Reasons to Buy From Your Electrical Distributor

If you’re not purchasing directly from an Electrical Distributor, you could be missing out on some advantages. As a supplier of electrical specialty lighting products to the electrical industry for over 40 years, Engineered Products Company understands the value of doing business with an Electrical Distributor. Three Reasons To Buy From Your Electrical Distributor 1….READ MORE

[INFOGRAPHIC] EPCO Customer Service

EPCO’s most important Product doesn’t come in a Box!

Let the Sun Shine

Summer suddenly landed in Minnesota, after what seemed like an endless winter hiatus. We are a group known for our warm smiles, but I tell you people were downright grumpy about being cheated out of Spring. A string of destructive storms late last week into the weekend reminded us that Mother Nature’s the boss. Straight-line…READ MORE