Many of you have asked, what is the life expectancy of a tube guard? We have your answer.

The typical life expectancy of a polycarbonate tube guard depends on a number of factors; the spectral output of the lamp being used (generally less harmful to plastics than sunlight), the indoor or outdoor location, as well as other environmental conditions that may also influence the weathering performance.  The life expectancy can also be reduced because of accidental failures caused by mechanical impact or even exposure to improper chemicals.

In conjunction with other tube guard manufacturers, a wide selection of polycarbonate resin grades have been subjected to rigorous, long-term outdoor exposure evaluations. These grades cover approximately 75% of Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) Tube Guard product line and share a common basic formulation.

Samples of various polycarbonate grades have been exposed for 10 years or longer on outdoor racks positioned to increase the severity of exposure (45° angle facing south). After 10 years, the typical Luminous Transmission still exceeds 90%, Haze has increased by less than 2.5%, and Yellowness Index is under 2%. And they are generally unaffected by greases, oils and acids.

EPCO Tube Guards can be used for all outdoor and indoor applications where the tube guard itself can remain effective for 50+ years.

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