Tube guard users, rejoice! If you’ve considered T5HO fluorescent lamps for their many virtues (excellent performance, good lumen maintenance and efficacy, long-rated life, good color rendition, virtually instant re-strike, more efficient than T8s), but were concerned about heat dissipation, read on.

T5HO lamps dissipate about 85% of their total lamp power as heat, so we found a way to outsmart them by using “vented” end caps and heat sink screens to lower the tube guard’s inside temperature by approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit. We’re the only manufacturer today with a tested tube guard for heat dissipation.

Here’s how it works:
The T5HD Series Tube Guard accommodates the temperature on the inside of the tube guard and how close the T5HO lamp is actually located to the tube guard. Its larger diameter and vented end caps allow a layer of air to absorb heat from the lamp and cool it before making contact with the inside wall of the tube guard. The larger diameter of this tube guard allows it to accommodate heat sink screens to control and distribute heat, in addition to lowering the temperatures over a larger area on the end of the tube guard.

Now you can have your tube guard and your energy-saving T5 fluorescent lamp.

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