Power Equipment Whips

As more energy efficient products continue to flood the marketplace, EPCO responded in the summer of 2019 by introducing the Power Equipment Whip (PEW). This new, lower cost equipment whip was developed to electrically connect two (2) or more devices using 12 AWG conductors which cost-effectively supports the transfer of electrical power without using 10 or 8 AWG heavier gauge conductors.

How It’s Made

Power Equipment Whips (PEW) are very similar in looks, fit, form, and electrical functionality to our Air Conditioner Whips. They are manufactured using 1/2” flexible non-metallic conduit and are available in either 4- or 6-foot lengths.

The PEW labor-saving capabilities offer exceptional crush- proof qualities and are provisioned for immediate installation. A very basic application enables a contractor to connect a power source to a variety of equipment or devices in an environmentally sensitive (damp or wet) hazardous location that requires a secure electrical connection. Our PEWs can also be used for direct burial applications.

  • Heat Pumps
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Compressors Motors
  • Submersible Pumping Equipment
  • Swimming Pool Devices, and similar equipment
  • Industrial Blowers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Industrial or Commercial Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Mining Operations
  • And more...

Custom Capabilities – Thinking Outside the PEW Box

EPCO offers a variety of customizable products including our Power Equipment Whips to help support front-line electrical contractors. By using our standard 6-foot Power Equipment Whip, we can build two (2) unique 30-foot PEWs: one providing mobile lighting and the second, on-site power requirements. 

We can build Power Equipment Whips to your specifications. For more information contact EPCO Inside Sales at 800-336-1976 or sales@engproducts.com.

PEW lighting example using four (4) ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaires. Coverage of 400 square feet, providing approximately 1,440 lumens per module (approximately 6,000 lumens total).  PEW on-site power receptacles using four (4) twist-lock 5-20L receptacles on 6-foot ceiling drops. Closeup image of liquid tight connector and 12 AW conductors.


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