The Surface Mount Bracket - The “Y” Option"

An oldie but goodie! EPCO's Surface Mount Bracket came to our product development team as a better solution than using liquid tight flexible conduit to run from a junction box cover to a fluorescent light fixture. What if we (EPCO) developed a bracket that would allow a contractor to surface mount a linear 4-foot light fixture directly under a junction box? That would eliminate the liquid-tight conduit, conduit hangers, ½ metallic straight connectors, junction box cover plate with the ½ knockouts, and the three conductors of 14 AWG THHN – black – white – green, and all other materials for a “nice” clean installation. And “wa-la”, EPCO created the Surface Mount Bracket (SMB)! This lighting accessory enables the contractor to locate and install a 4 foot or 8-foot linear LED luminaire directly under a junction box and surface mount it to a ceiling. The SMB includes eight (8) slotted holes to simplify and expedite installation.

Contractor Benefits —Saves Installation Time; Lowers Labor Cost

  • Ability to wire directly into the junction box; eliminates the cost of installing a liquid-tight conduit and junction box cover plate on the recessed ceiling, reduces installation time, lowers the overall labor cost.
  • Provides a water and bug resistant seal to protect the critical area between the junction box‘s supply conductors and the lighting fixture. No adhesive sealant or gasket material is required.
  • The finished installation is more pleasing to the building owner without the liquid-tight conduit (or any conduit) running across the ceiling.
  • The SMB is UL Listed for ceiling mount wet location applications.
  • The SMB is listed in the luminaire ordering chart example shown on page 10 of EPCO‘s Product Catalog More product specific information is detailed on page 16.
  • When adding the SMB (Option Y) to your part number, always ensure corresponding number is included (e.g., Y1, Y2, or Y3). 

Surface Mount Bracket: 2 Foot Linear Luminaire or Light Fixture

Option — Y: Large Bracket 

Surface Mount Bracket: 4 Foot Linear Luminaire or Light Fixture

Option — Y1: Large and Small Bracket 

Option — Y2: Large Bracket

Surface Mount Bracket: 8 Foot Linear Luminaire or Light Fixture

Option — Y1: Large and Small Bracket

Option — Y2: Large and Small Bracket

Option — Y3: Large and Small Bracket (2)

To facilitate the installation of the contractor installed SMB, an EPCO production team member will pre-drill a hole in the fixture housing at the designated “number” location shown in the diagram to allow the contractor to pull the supply conductors from the junction box and into the fixture housing.

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