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Three Reasons to Buy From Your Electrical Distributor

If you’re not purchasing directly from an Electrical Distributor, you could be missing out on some advantages. As a supplier of electrical specialty lighting products to the electrical industry for over 40 years, Engineered Products Company understands the value of doing business with an Electrical Distributor. Three Reasons To Buy From Your Electrical Distributor 1….READ MORE

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Much Energy Can You Save with EPCO’s LED Closet Luminaire?

EPCO’s LED Closet Luminaire provides Significant Energy Savings and is a reliable and sustainable LED Lighting solution for small areas!    

The Key to Safe Landscape Lighting

In a perfect world, all electrical connections for landscape lighting luminaires would be performed correctly. Splices would always be tight and circuits would always be properly grounded and free of potential shock hazard. But in reality, the quality of outdoor electrical installation varies among electricians and accidents do occur. While it is not feasible to…READ MORE

[INFOGRAPHIC] EPCO Customer Service

EPCO’s most important Product doesn’t come in a Box!

Understanding LM-79 Report

LM-79 testing captures performance characteristics of EPCO’s solid-state LED luminaires. This testing provides a snapshot of our LED luminaires performance under specified operating conditions typically referred to as initial measurements. However LM-79 testing does not address or include lifetime luminaire ratings, changing performance over time (e.g., lumen maintenance), or EPCO’s luminaire housing temperature. The LM-79…READ MORE

Luminaire vs. Light Fixture: What is the Difference?

The Illuminating Engineers Society (IES) uses luminaire. The United States Congress uses fixture. And it’s not uncommon to hear someone use lamp when pointing out a source of light. But which term is correct when referencing a lighting unit? While both identifiers are technically correct, luminaire is actually the proper technical term. The IES Lighting…READ MORE

Criteria To Consider When Updating Your Illumination System with LED Luminaires

Lumens are the New Watts The best way to shop for a LED luminaires is to look for brightness, or lumens, instead of watts. Lumens tell you how bright the luminaire is, and more lumens mean brighter illumination. When replacing a two (2) lamp, T8 32-watt fluorescent luminaire, lumen output is approximately 3800 lumens. Replace…READ MORE

LED Strikes the Perfect Balance in Parking Garage Lighting

When considering how to make a parking area easier to navigate, safer and more cost-efficient, lighting can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel, as well as the bottom line. Inadequate lighting may lead to accidents involving falls due to unseen holes, cracks and uneven surfaces. Yet too much light results in high…READ MORE

LED Technology Has Come a Long Way

In addition to overcoming early performance problems with heat, moisture and color, improvements in LED technology have significantly lowered the cost of LED luminaires and lamps. Not only are today’s LEDs more energy efficient as a light source compared to the 1980’s when they were used as equipment indicators, but also produce more lumens per…READ MORE

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